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Our Partner-in Policy
We have been participated in Wanchain POS testnet Alpha and Beta, started in May until the launch on August 20, 2019. So we have been a Wanchain validator since it switched to POS network on Sept 3, 2019.

How to get started and earn rewards right away!

We have written a short guide on how to delegate stake from Desktop Light Wallet and Mobile wallet in our post section. Do check them out. We also have a Chinese version for delegate staking guide using Mobile Wallet. We welcome feedback to improve this guide. Thank you!

Our Partner-in Policy

At Validators.Online, we are very happy to have interested partners join us by partnering in their WAN and share in the upside. As you may know, we set our validator locked period to be 90 days so partnered-in stakes receives 1.5x of delegation rewards. Our policy is as follows:

  • All partners will join a private chat and receive regular updates on the operations;
  • 50% of the bonus is paid out to partners. The 50% balance is used to support the operations (as you may know, apart from regular operating costs, we also have been giving out at least 200 WAN as weekly lotteries).
  • The bonus due to partners is paid out monthly to all partners.
We look forward to receiving interest from partners - Let us take this journey together to help make WAN better, bigger, brighter!