Delegate Staking Wanchain with mobile wallet

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Delegate Stake WAN with Mobile Wallet

We can use Dekstop Light Wallet, Mobile wallet or to delegate staking your Wanchain coins. In this post, we will show you the steps by using the Mobile Wallet. To download Wanchain Mobile wallet, please go to (

First time using Mobile Wallet

When we open the mobile app for the first time, it will prompt us to create new wallet, or import a wallet. You can recover your wallet by select import a wallet, and input the 12 words seed. To create a new wallet, click create new wallet, then proceed to setup a password to secure your wallet. You only need to enter password to access your wallet next time onwards, unless you click on forgot password, which require you to input your 12 words seed to recover wallet.

Login to your wallet and start delegate stake to earn rewards

1) After you login your mobile wallet, you should see the screen as below.

2) To start delegate staking, click on "POS" on the top right as shown below.

3) After clicking on "POS" on step 2, you should see the screen as shown below, please click on "Validators" tab, to see a list of validators. On the top part, you should see "My Stake" - your wan which is already staked. If this is your first time doing delegate staking, you should see "My Stake" and "My Reward" is equal to 0.

4) Select one validator from the list, for example in this case, we selected from the list. After clicking on under validators section, we will see the screen as shown below. Here you can see all the data and info regarding the validator, like Total Stake, Self Stake, Delegated Stake, Delegation Fee, Quota Left and etc.

5) To proceed, you click on "Delegate" button in the bottom, as shown in the screen above. From the screen below, you can select your account to delegate stake from in "Choose your account", then the amount of Wanchain coins you would like to delegate stake. After key in all needed value, you can click send. Please do note that, by clicking send, you are actually not sending your WAN to the validator, but only send to be locked in a contract, that can only be withdraw by your account only. Please leave behind at least 0.2wan in balance for transaction fees.

6) After above steps, you should see your delegate staking stat under "My Stake" tab as shown below. Please note that, it takes 3 epoch for your staking to become active. So you should see N/A for 3 epochs, after you have done the step 5 above, before changing to Staking. Congratulations! You have successfully delegate stake your Wanchain coins, please sit back and see your balance keep growing until you stop staking.