How to delegate Stake CHX

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Delegate Stake CHX

Weown is a security token platform formerly known as Chainium. They have recently launched with DPOS staking mechanism.

This guide assume you have performed mainnet token swap from ERC20 to native Own blockchain token or purchased $CHX after mainnet swap and already got your $CHX in your Own wallet in

To do delegate staking steps as below:

1) Go to

2) After loading your wallet, go to Submit Transaction on the left-hand side menu.

3) Select "Add New Action" dropdown box, then select "Delegate Stake".

4) Put the amount of $CHX you want to delegate (leaving at least 0.1 CHX behind for transaction fees). Example as in the below picture, showing input 1312 as the amount.

5) Put the Validator address in the Validator address field, for example in the picture below, the address is CHHcgDjnTjDQdTL2FSHNxYmVJdpEZeD3Bb1

then click the orange tick symbol at the bottom.

To un-delegate your delegated CHX

To un-delegate, follow the same steps as above, on step 4, you just need to add a minus (-) in front of the amount. For example to un-delegate 1312 CHX, you input it as -1312 in the amount field.